Hiwadakougen is a highland with Hida’s best scenery where you can view the Alps mountain range and Mt. Norikuradake to the north and Mt. Ontake to the south.

■Exterior Appearance
■Guest Room
■Other Facilities

Recommends Plan

Lodge Type - One-Night, Two-Meal Plan -

【One-Night, Two-Meal Lodge Type】

We will arrange either a Japanese-style room in the Center Lodge or a Western-style room in the Second Lodge. (We will inform you on the day which type will be available for you.)

【Rate】7,200 yen - 9,900 yen yen

【Period】Apr. 01, 2014 - Oct. 06, 2019

Cottage Type B - One-Night, No-Meal Plan -

【One-Night, No-Meal Plan】
~*~ Cottage Plan ~*~
Have lots of fun and refresh yourself with like-minded people and your family in Mother Nature!

【Rate】14,000 yen - 21,500 yen yen

【Period】Apr. 01, 2014 - Oct. 06, 2019

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