Step out into our magnificent Highland scenery



Hiwadakogen Lodge & Campsite is the idellic setting for outdoor adventure, an unforgettable vacation, or high altitude training.

There’s always something for everyone, like hiking and fishing, BBQ, tennis court, and of course, the best cottages and campsite in Hiwada kogen.


With two types of lodges and three types of cottages available, you are sure to find one that will make your stay more comfortable.


There are caravan parks and campsites. The sky is filled with stars and it is so beautiful.!
Also we provide shared camp kitchen and bathroom.

ActivityRecreation facilities

There are plenty of recreational facilities such us tennis court, BBQ area, fishing pond and so on.

Training & training camp

Even in the middle of summer, the temperature is comfortable at around 25 degrees Celsius, so it is a perfect environment for high-training and training camps.your team secure dedicated access to a myriad of venues, including anIndoor stadium, football court, Baseball field and conditioning facilities and more.



  • 昨日23日に開催された第40回全日本大学女子駅伝対校選手権大
  • 昨日23日に開催された第32回関西対校女子駅伝競走大会におい
  • 今シーズン、合宿でご利用頂いた学校やグループの皆様を動画でご
  • 今シーズンの合宿ご利用の締めくくりは中京学院大学女子陸上競技
  • 三重県から三重大学陸上競技部中長距離ブロックの皆さんが合宿に
  • 創価大学陸上競技部駅伝部の皆さんが合宿に見えました。


Hiwadakogen Lodge & Campsite Hiwadakogen, Takanemachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu
TEL : +81 577-59-2510/FAX : +81 577-59-2823

From Kanto region
Ina IC via National Route 361
From Kansai and Chukyo region
Nakatsugawa IC via National Route 361
From the Hokuriku region
Ina IC via National Route 361